Our Story

when a Culinary Institute of America trained pastry chef collaborates with a restauranteur, marathoner, e-commerce guru, organic farms and wellness experts  

We are reimagining how people experience and eat veggies with the creation of our nutrient-dense beautifully basic organic BLiSS BALLS which people crave and rave about! We highlight veggies rather than hide them because we believe real food is the cornerstone of human health and vibrancy.
Our grab-n-go superfood offerings are made with intelligent ingredients that delight your taste buds while deeply nourishing your body.  Committed to sourcing natural plant-based ingredients, our nutritious and delicious bliss balls are organic, vegan, paleo, dairy-free, gluten-free, low-glycemic (no sugar added) and anti-inflammatory.
At the heart of our brand lies a mission to connect people to their food through community, education, transparency and just-in-time solutions.  Our passion to make artisanal freshness accessible to all by sourcing sustainable ingredients that customers can trust while supporting our farming partners defines BE REAL XO.     
Self described "recovering perfectionists" with a vision to integrate the farm-to-table movement with mobile personalized health monitoring technology, our complimentary skill sets uniquely enable us to design, deliver and distinguish our real food offerings as the optimal cellular nutritional solution for preservative-free palettes.
We are part of an exciting food revolution!
Join us and be real!!
Gretchen + Rachel + Minal