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Davos 2018: Technology Can Help Transform Our Food Systems -- Just In Time

FORBES  World Economic Forum, Contributor by Sarita Nayyar and Sunil Sanghvi -- Imagine a world where your smartphone could scan an avocado and provide real-time information on its freshness, nutritional content, its carbon footprint and where and how it was grown. Imagine a world where smallholder farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America could leverage the power of big data to produce the right quantity and quality of food for the market, thus earning more income to support their families?

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Kimbal Musk Wants to Feed America, Silicon Valley-Style

THE NEW YORK TIMES    By KIM SEVERSON     OCTOBER 16, 2017 MEMPHIS — It’s easy to understand why some people in this town of soul music and dry-rub ribs don’t know what to make of the tall tech billionaire in a big white cowboy hat who has been opening restaurants and buying up hundreds of acres of land that used to grow cotton. Kimbal Musk, 45, got rich working in tech alongside his older brother, Elon. Now he wants to do for food what his brother has done for electric cars and space travel. Although Mr. Musk has food ventures humming along in Colorado, where he lives, as well as in big cities like Chicago and Los Angeles, he has become...

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Promoting Healthy Eating, With 31 Other First Ladies

THE NEW YORK TIMES by MARIAN BURROS  SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 POCANTICO HILLS, N.Y. — “I can’t believe I’m hugging you,” a third-grade girl said as she clung to Michelle Obama in the kitchen of Blue Hill at Stone Barns, where Mrs. Obama was watching a group of children from nearby schools make lunch with ingredients they had gathered from the restaurant’s garden and henhouse. “You don’t know how I don’t want to leave you as well,” Mrs. Obama, the first lady, replied. But duty called. Mrs. Obama ducked into the kitchen on Friday during a tour of the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture that she organized to bring attention to her pet cause, children and healthy eating. She and the spouses of 31...

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